The Good, Better and Best Way to Plan Activities

How do you plan your activities? As a Young Women President, I found that my method for this evolved as I gained more experience. I started out at good and then moved from better to best. Let me explain.

The Good Way to Plan Activities

When I was brand new, all I could do was choose ideas for activities and execute them. The advantage was that it got done. The disadvantage to that was that I did everything and found myself exhausted and frustrated.

The Better Way to Plan Activities

At the beginning of my second year, we started a new plan for activities. Every activity was assigned to a class to plan. At that point, planning activities consisted of me keeping a master list of ideas my Laurel class presidency could choose from.

This took some weight off my shoulders and ensured that activities were more aligned with the interests of our young women. However, we weren’t necessarily meeting any needs or finding ways to plan activities that ministered to our young women.

The Best Way to Plan Activities

Once I realized that we could accomplish more with our activities, I started doing what I like to call planning with a purpose. This means, that the class presidency has a list of questions they use to help them determine a purpose for each activity. This kept them from not knowing how to answer the question,”What do you want to do for activities?” We simply switched to other questions, like:

  • What would the Lord like to have happen in the lives of those we serve?
  • Who in our class do we need to include more? Is there an interest they have that they could share or teach in an activity?
  • What kind of goals do you have? How could we help you complete them?
  • What activities from the LDS Youth Activities website are connected to the Come Follow Me lesson outlines we will be teaching soon?

For more ideas see my post titled  9 Ways to Get Ideas for Youth Activities. 

This way helps ensure that activities align with interests and meet needs. Your class will learn to minister to each other, which helps foster unity.

Now it’s your turn. How do you plan activities? 



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