See How Easily You Can Plan the Upcoming Year

Have you started thinking about next year? Not yet? Well, now is a good time to get started.
Here’s my timeline for planning the upcoming year.
November-Create a planning calendar for next year. Make sure you include:
  • Any stake youth activities
  • Birthdays
  • Dates for combined young men/young women activities
  • Dates for New Beginnings and Night of Excellence
  • Which class is in charge of the activity each week, if you do mostly combined class activities like we do.
  • Dates for girls camp and youth conference, if you have them ready. If not, you can cover this step later.

December-plan the combined young men/young women activities for the year

  • Assign all class and quorum presidencies to come up with 3-4 ideas for what they would like to do for combined activities. This is a great time to use the theme for the upcoming year to trigger some ideas.
  • Hold an expanded Bishopric Youth Council with all Young Men and Young Women presidency members, as well as full class and quorum presidencies.
  • Have all class and quorum presidencies share their ideas and vote on them.
  • Make a list of the selected activities.
  • Divide the list up among the classes and quorums for planning and carrying out of each activity.
  • Make reservations for youth conference and girls camp if you are carrying them out as a ward.
  • plan New Beginnings
  • Create a committee of all class presidency members to start planning camp.
March/ April
  • Keep meeting with class presidencies to plan camp
  • Start planning youth conference in Bishopric Youth Council
  • Keep meeting to plan camp. Have each class presidency select one girl from their class to be part of the camp planning committee. Have them meet with you from here on.
  • Keep planning youth conference in BYC.
  • Continue to plan camp, as needed.
  • Continue to plan youth conference as needed.
  • Evaluate both events, once completed.
  • ¬†Plan Night of Excellence
  • Start looking at next year’s plans.

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