10 Times Young Women Leaders Really Should Read Handbook 2

When I was a new Young Women President, it took me awhile to learn how to use Handbook 2 to help me with my calling. One mistake I made every year was when we’d review the instructions for planning Young Women in Excellence and we’d realize that we were supposed to be helping our young women set goals all year to be prepared for it. Sometimes, what you’re looking for is not in the Young Women section and it takes awhile to find it. To make it easier for you, I’ve prepared a list of regular events where you should check to see what the Handbook says with the section number so you can find it. Any time one of these things happens, it’s a good idea to review the Handbook.

10 Times Young Women Leaders Really Should Read Handbook 2

  1. Plan New Beginnings (10.8.3)
  2. Plan activities. Section 13 is all about activities. I’ve used the purposes for activities in 13.1, as well as the purposes of the young women program  in 10.1.1 to help my class presidencies brainstorm ideas for activities.
  3. Train your class presidency. I use both section 3- Leadership in the Church and section 10- Young Women to help with training.
  4. Plan Girls camp. 10.8.6 is all about camp. 10.8.9 covers fundraisers. More details on fundraisers is in 13.6.8.
  5. Plan youth conference (13.4)
  6. Plan Young Women in Excellence (10.8.4)
  7. Train in presidency meeting. (3, 10)
  8. Have a young woman turn 18 (10.1.5)
  9. Have new Beehives that just turned 12 (10.1.15 and 11.4.3)
  10. Prepare a meeting agenda (Young Women Presidency Meeting 10.4.3 and Class Presidency Meeting 10.4.5)

What other times would you add that someone should read the Handbook?


6 Easy, No-Fail Ways to Release Control to the Youth

Many of us are control freaks. We’ve done all of this before and we know how to do it. We think it would be easier if we did it ourselves. It’s so much more work when the youth are in charge. What if they don’t follow through?

6 Easy, No-Fail Ways to Release Control to the Youth

Any of that sound familiar to you? Did you hear yourself in any of those statements?

If you did, you’re not alone and it’s not to late to make some changes. Here’s my list of easy, no-fail ways to release control of the youth programs to the youth.

  • Let them choose the themes for youth conference, camps, New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence and anything else that requires a theme.
  • Pair a youth up with a leader to plan meals for camps and youth conference. They plan the menu and the leader takes them shopping for the food.
  • Ask your class or quorum presidency for feedback on which Come, Follow Me lessons they feel are needed the most.
  • Have the youth fill out the schedule for camps and youth conference. The worst that can happen is you will either run out of time to do the planned activities or you will run out of activities. These problems are easily solved by having the group vote on which activities are most important to them or by giving them some free time. You can also review the schedule with them before the event and ask them to add more activities or cut some activities out.
  • At the end of your Come, Follow Me lessons ask your class if they would like to spend another week on the same topic or move on to another one.
  • Have the youth start choosing the activities. You can start by giving them 3 or 4 options that are acceptable to you and then eventually move to purpose-based planning.

If this is something that is hard for you to do. I encourage you to choose one and try it out for a month.

What easy, no-fail ways have you used to release control to the youth?


Here’s What We Did for Mutual: January 2016

Here's What We Did for Mutual_ January 2016This post includes affiliate links at no extra cost to you. For more details, please see my disclosure at the bottom of my sidebar. Thanks for your support!


I thought I’d provide some examples of what activities look like when the youth lead. They’re usually pretty simple and inexpensive. Here’s what we did this past month for our activities.

What did you do this month for activities? How did you help the youth to lead them?



How to Use the Camp Planning Manual to Plan Girls Camp- The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever seen the guide the Church puts out for planning camp? I’d been to 3 camps as an adult leader before I even knew of it’s existence! I think it’s a rather well-kept secret. If I have anything to say about it, it won’t be anymore. This guide can really help you with how to plan camp and how to pace yourself so it’s not a mad dash to finish right before camp. I wish I’d had it the first time I planned camp, for sure!

I prepared a quick, little guide to help you better understand how to use it and how it can help you plan camp.

Review the What, Where, When and Why of camp. The first three are pretty straightforward. I’d like to spend a little time on the why. It is so important to keep our purpose in mind as we plan camp. It will help us to reflect on why when the planning might seem hard or tough. It will also help guide our decisions when we’re discussing what to put in the schedule. If we know our purpose, it can help us to prioritize our activities for camp and make the most of the time we have together.

Prepare spiritually. The very first thing they suggest we do is prepare spiritually to plan camp. I have to admit, this is an opportunity for improvement for me. I could do a much better job of this. Imagine what could happen with camp when you fully enable the power of the Holy Ghost to help you in your planning!

Plan with a purpose. The questions in this section will not only help you pinpoint needs that can be met best at camp, but can also be used to focus your class presidencies and YCLs to identify the needs of the girls in their classes.

Choose a theme. This is a great, no-fail place to involve the girls in the planning. Let each class presidency suggest one or two ideas for themes and then vote on one.


Based on your selected theme and identified needs, plan camp. This can be a really good time to think about what you can only do at camp, versus during weekly activities. There are questions in this section that will help you to select the best activities for camp. Don’t overlook the right to revelation that your class presidencies have to help you do this.

Include certification. Every camp, I walk away wishing I had used certification to fill more of the schedule. I wonder sometimes, if we sell this short when it comes to helping us to plan camp.

Walk through of a typical day at camp. This can make it easier to make some decisions about what to do and when to do it.

Use the Youth Camp Leaders. I am a huge fan of empowering the young women to plan camp. If you have enough YCLs, I recommend using them as your planning committee and assigning one of them to chair the planning meetings. If you do this, make sure you assign an adult to advise her behind the scenes as she plans and prepares for each meeting. If you don’t have enough YCLs, I recommend using your class presidencies to fill out your planning committee.

Evaluate camp. This can help you so very much. All you have to do is use the questions in this guide to lead a discussion with the YCLs or class presidencies. Even using a few of them will help you learn from your camp experience. Two ways that these evaluations have helped us is to get ideas for the next camp and to get ideas for weekly activities.

What has your experience been with using this camp planning guide?


See How Easily You Can Plan the Upcoming Year

Have you started thinking about next year? Not yet? Well, now is a good time to get started.
Here’s my timeline for planning the upcoming year.
November-Create a planning calendar for next year. Make sure you include:
  • Any stake youth activities
  • Birthdays
  • Dates for combined young men/young women activities
  • Dates for New Beginnings and Night of Excellence
  • Which class is in charge of the activity each week, if you do mostly combined class activities like we do.
  • Dates for girls camp and youth conference, if you have them ready. If not, you can cover this step later.

December-plan the combined young men/young women activities for the year

  • Assign all class and quorum presidencies to come up with 3-4 ideas for what they would like to do for combined activities. This is a great time to use the theme for the upcoming year to trigger some ideas.
  • Hold an expanded Bishopric Youth Council with all Young Men and Young Women presidency members, as well as full class and quorum presidencies.
  • Have all class and quorum presidencies share their ideas and vote on them.
  • Make a list of the selected activities.
  • Divide the list up among the classes and quorums for planning and carrying out of each activity.
  • Make reservations for youth conference and girls camp if you are carrying them out as a ward.
  • plan New Beginnings
  • Create a committee of all class presidency members to start planning camp.
March/ April
  • Keep meeting with class presidencies to plan camp
  • Start planning youth conference in Bishopric Youth Council
  • Keep meeting to plan camp. Have each class presidency select one girl from their class to be part of the camp planning committee. Have them meet with you from here on.
  • Keep planning youth conference in BYC.
  • Continue to plan camp, as needed.
  • Continue to plan youth conference as needed.
  • Evaluate both events, once completed.
  •  Plan Night of Excellence
  • Start looking at next year’s plans.

Would you like this in a Word document that you can edit? I share this as part of my resource libary. Just enter your first name and email at the top of my sidebar and I will send it to you.