5 Ways to Have LDS Youth Help You Teach

Have you felt unsure with how to go about letting the youth teach Come, Follow Me? Maybe you’re not sure they can handle teaching a full lesson. Maybe you’ve asked them to teach and they’re too scared to say yes. Well, in any case, giving them some ways to help you teach can be a great start to preparing your youth to be ready to teach an entire lesson. I’ve also noticed that it helps the quieter kids participate more. Here are some things I do to help them.

Let Them Write on the Board

Any time we have a discussion where I want responses written on the board, I ask one of my class members to do the writing. This gives them some practice being at the front of the room. Sometimes, I use my sense of humor and challenge the rest of the class to wear their arm out with their ideas. This works well for loosening their tongues.

Have Them Divide the Class into Groups

Sometimes, when I split the class into groups, I let one of my students do it. It’s another easy, non-threatening way to give them a small teaching responsibility.

Ask Them to Pick Up or Drop Off Materials from the Library

I am only one person. It can be a little overwhelming to try to pick everything up from the library, set up for my lesson, teach, and then clean up after. This takes some of the pressure off of me, and gives a class member a chance to help out. This is a great way for kids who aren’t comfortable getting in front of people to participate.

Assign Them to Teach Part of the Lesson

This is a great test for how well they can handle teaching the whole lesson. I start by letting them choose the lesson they want to teach. Then we both study the lesson material on our own during the week. On Friday or Saturday before we teach, we get together for about 15 minutes (this could easily be done on the phone or via Skype) and plan the lesson together. I let them choose the part of the lesson they want to teach: introduction, main lesson or weekly challenge. I also let them choose how they teach it. This is a great opportunity to help them prepare and ask you questions about teaching. One of my class members asked me what they should do if they ask a question and no one answers. We had a great discussion about how to handle it.

Have a Lesson Where They Study a Resource and Teach a Mini Lesson

Any time the lesson is very discussion-based and the youth do more talking than the adults, the youth are teaching in a very informal way. You can take that up a notch and have them teach a short lesson (2-5 minutes) on what they learned from any Church-approved resource.

Now it’s your turn. What are some ways you’ve had success in getting the youth in your class to help teach? Share your experiences in the comments. 

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