9 Common Young Women Leader Problems and Their Solutions

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It’s really important to know the best way to contact your leaders, young women and even parents. Creating a directory of young women and leaders will help you have a place for this information and a way to easily share it with everyone in your organization. It can be something as simple as a Word document or a spreadsheet. If you want a template that you simply need to fill in, The Red Headed Hostess has one in her 2018 Ultimate Young Women Leader Combo Kit. 

Monthly newsletters can also help improve communication. If nothing else, they provide information in writing. Both Word and Excel have templates you can use for this. The Red Headed Hostess has editable newsletters that look really nice. All you have to do is fill them in. You can find them in the Young Women Leader Helps Combo Kit. 


One thing that helped me a lot as a young women leader was to have an organization calendar. Toward the end of the year, my secretary and I would sit down together and plan the upcoming year. Read about how it do it here. 

Word and Excel both have calendar templates you can use for this. You can also get it as part of the Ultimate Young Women Leader Combo Kit.


First, create a birthday list so it’s easy to see when they are.

Then, come up with some simple ways to recognize birthdays. The YW Birthday Kit provides a variety of treat labels, poster and badge to make it easy and simple to make their birthdays special. You can  purchase it separately or in the Young Women Leader Helps Combo Kit or 2018 Ultimate Young Women Leader Combo Kit. 

Weekly Activities

I’m a huge fan of planning activities with a purpose. If you want to learn more about my process you can read more about it here. Once you have a purpose, sometimes a “library” of ideas for activities can be very helpful. I find Beehives can really benefit from that. The Red Headed Hostess includes a list of 180 ideas for activities in her 2018 Ultimate Young Women Leader Combo Kit. 

They’re even organized by category!

Personal Progress

Want to track your young women’s progress and keep it all in one place? The Red Headed Hostess Personal Progress tracker is perfect for that! It’s also included in the 2018 Ultimate Young Women Leader Combo Kit. 

There’s also an Honor Bee tracking sheet, too!

Young Women in Excellence

These Personal Progress displays would go really well next to each young woman’s display table.

You can also do a display for each girl working on her Honor Bee.

You can find both of these in the Young Women Leader Helps Combo Kit.

For decorations, go to the heading Promoting the Mutual Theme for the Year.  

New Young Women

When a new Beehive joins young women, her adviser and class president visit her and give her a copy of For the Strength of Youth, a torch pendant and a Personal Progress book. Wouldn’t it also be nice to give them an info sheet about upcoming activities, leaders and girls in their class?

You can use the Getting to Know You sheet to learn more about them. These are included in the Young Women Leader Helps Combo Kit.

Promoting the Mutual Theme for the Year

The Mutual theme teaching pack includes 38 pages of visual aids, quotes and teaching ideas. That’s enough that you could have an activity based on the theme using these resources once a month for a year and you’d probably still have some left over. This is great, because you can pick and choose with your class presidency what works best for your young women and implement it.

There is also a special events pack that includes decorations, invitations, and treat labels to help you with New Beginnings, Young Women in Excellence and birthdays. My personal favorite included in that pack is the compliment card. Everyone writes what they love about the person whose birthday it is and then you give it to them! I know that a card like that would mean a lot to me!  This pack could also be used to help with decorations for camp, too.

Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Give them the gift of music! You can buy multiple licenses for either of the music downloads by Hilary Weeks. With 20 licenses, it works out to be about 63 cents per person. You can  choose between Peace in Christ or More Holiness Give Me.

You can also buy licenses for Anthony Sweat’s talk, Finding Peace in Christ to give as gifts. For 15 licenses, that works out to $1.20. He tells a great story about how we shouldn’t mistake being active in the church for conversion. It’s a great thought. Regardless of how we come to the Church, we all need to become personally converted.

If you are lucky to have a bigger budget for gifts, you really should check out the 2018 Peace in Christ study guides and journals. They are beautiful! I honestly want my own for Christmas! There’s one for Personal Progress, gospel study, Sunday journaling and Come, Follow Me. How do you know which one to get? Here’s a little about each one:

Personal Progress

This is a daily journal that is designed to help young women keep the Personal Progress value they are working on in their minds on a daily basis. Each page for Sunday allows for them to work on a Personal Progress experience.

Gospel Study

This is a daily journal with a question that relates to the 2018 Mutual Theme. This will help keep your young women thinking about the Mutual theme every day.

Sunday Journal

This journal is arranged by the Come, Follow Me topics and is a place for young men and young women to write down notes from their Sunday lessons.

Come, Follow Me Study Guide

This is for youth who want to study along with the Come, Follow me lessons. It includes all of the young women lessons, all of the Sunday School lessons and most of the young men lessons. This is also ideal for teacher prep.

Now it’s your turn. What young women leader problems did I miss? Do you have a favorite resource you’d like to share? Tell me in the comments. 




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