2 Ways to Help LDS Youth #LIGHTtheWORLD

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is gearing up for their Christmas social media campaign and I’m so excited about it! This year (2017) we are using the theme #lighttheworld to encourage people to engage in Christlike service. Every day in December through Christmas, there will be a scripture to focus on to help you come up with simple acts of service.

To help you encourage the youth you work with to participate in #lighttheworld, I put together a service bingo board and a service scavenger hunt. Here’s how you can use them.

Light the World Bingo


A bingo board has 25 spaces, so it works really well for service for 25 days in 25 ways! I included a free space where they can write down what they did. You can hand this out the last Sunday in November to your class and have them report back. You can do this every week until Christmas and try to get them to black out the board or for as little as one week and have them go for 5 in a row. You can give them a small treat every time they get 5 in a row or for blacking out their board. The thing I think will make the biggest difference to them is to have them share with each other a meaningful moment from their service.

Light the World Scavenger Hunt

This is designed to use as an activity. You will need to provide a few supplies, like paper, pens, cards, cookies, etc. All you need to do is  make copies, divide the youth into teams, provide an adult leader for each team, give them a time limit and have a prize for the team that earns the most points. You can have a class or quorum president lead a short discussion at the end where the youth can share some of the experiences they had while they were out serving others and why service is important to really help it be a learning experience.

Sound good to you? Click the link below to get both!

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For more #LighttheWorld resources, visit The Red Headed Hostess. 

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