Will You Join Me for the #MyForeverFamily Easter Challenge?

I love Easter. Ten years ago, it became especially meaningful to me because my grandfather died a few days before Easter. I still miss him terribly today. Having him pass so close to Easter brought me a lot of comfort. It felt so good to go to church on Sunday and hear talks about the resurrection and the wonderful family reunions we will experience one day.

This is one of the many reasons that I’m excited to share with you the #MyForeverFamily challenge. My family is important to me, both living and deceased. Long ago, I developed a passion for family history. To support the Church’s #Hallelujah campaign, I am collaborating with 15 LDS bloggers to share our love of celebrating Easter in a meaningful way with our families.

Accept the Challenge

We have a 30-day challenge for you, as well as resources to support it. Please share this challenge with your friends and family. We’d love to share the joy of Easter with as many people as possible!


Share Your Experiences

I hope you will share your experiences as you complete the challenge on social media. Please use the hashtag #MyForeverFamily, so that we can search for your posts and share your experiences. I will be watching on Facebook for experiences that I can share on my page.

Meet the Bloggers Ready to Help You

These bloggers will be providing their favorite ideas, tips and tricks for keeping Easter meaningful. I will be adding new links all month long. Please take a look at what’s here already and check back often for updates!

Camille from Chicken Scratch N Sniff


Turning Family History into a Favorite Activity

A Simple Start to Your Family History Work

The Miracles of Jesus- An Easter Scripture Study

One Easy Way to Dive into Family History

Transforming Family History for Thanksgiving

How to Get Started on Your Family Tree

20 Scriptures on the Appearances of the Resurrected Christ

How to Make Journaling Work for You

How to Make the Most of Your Family Photos

Family History Bingo

Discovering Family History at the Dinner Table

7 Fabulous Family History Games

Alia from Party Like a Cherry


“Our Forever Family” free printable banner

Aimee, Leslie, and Kaylie from The Apricot Tree


“He Is Risen” Family Home Evening

Emilie from A Year of FHE


“Jesus is Resurrected” FHE lesson

“A Legacy of Faith” FHE lesson

“Keeping a Journal” FHE Lesson

“Family History & Temple Work” FHE lesson

8 Days of Easter – Free activites and coloring pages

Heidi from A Lively Hope


Family History Bingo

Meaningful Easter Books to Read with your Children

Easter Study Journal

Jocelyn from We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ


“Resurrection Plant”

“Teaching Children about the Resurrection”

“Of the fish and honeycomb, He did truly eat”

“How to host a Christian Passover Meal”

“Stone could not hold him”

“How to make Resurrection Rolls”

“Families are Forever Memory Game”

“A Priceless Heritage of Hope”

“Learning about the Conversion story of our ancestors”

“Have Kids Write about a family member”

“The Pedigree of Your Spirit”

“Temples & Forever Families: craft”

“Salt Dough Tombs You can Make: How the Resurrection Makes us a Forever Family”

The Promise of the Resurrection

How Well Do You Know Your Siblings GAme


Kendra from The Things I Love Most


Coming soon.

Kim from Life’s Journey to Perfection


Family Home Evening on “July 2014 FIRST PRESIDENCY MESSAGE: The Promise of Hearts Turning, BY PRESIDENT HENRY B. EYRING”

Family Home Evening on Hastening The Work (June 2014 First Presidency Message)

Family Home Evening: Faith in God (Prepare a Pedigree Chart…) Week 1

Family Home Evening: Faith in God (Prepare a Pedigree Chart…) Week 2

Family Home Evening: Family History Week 3 (Family Guess Who Game)

LDS Primary Sharing Time June 2014 Week 4: Family history work connects me to my ancestors.

Family Home Evening Easter Kickoff!!

Easter Family Home Evening: Focusing on Christ’s Atonement, Crucifixion and Resurrection and how it applies to me.

LDS Primary Sharing Time April 2014 Easter Sunday & Week 3: Children have the responsibility to obey their parents.

How to Catch the Spark of Family History Work and Keep the Flame Going!

2 Great Easter Hunt Ideas for Youth and Families


Montserrat from Cranial Hiccups


DNA, Ancestry, and Who You Are

Find Names on Your Family Tree With Puzzilla

Where Did Your Ancestors Live?

Writing to and for Our Children

Tell Me a Story

Keeping a Journal

Living Your Love Story

Fun Ways to Display Old Family Photos

Using Dolls to Share Family History Stories

Three Gardens and the First Easter FHE

Rachael from Rachael’s Booknook


Coming soon.

Sheena from Little LDS Ideas


Family History Word Search

Map Out Where Your Family Came From

Taralyn from Keep Moving Forward with Me


Coming soon.

Kendra, Dasha, Jen, Nannette, Diana, and Mandy from The Mama Birds


Coming soon.

Katelyn from What’s Up Fagans


Coming soon.

And Me, Heather, from LDS Youth Leadership


3 Ways to Get Youth Excited about Family History

11 Family History Websites You Should Check Out Now

Whose Pictures I’m Sharing for the #Hallelujah Campaign

How to Teach Others to Do Family History and Love It

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