Top 10 Posts for 2016


Happy New Year! I hope everyone had wonderful Christmas and great New Year celebrations! It’s good to be back! I’ve spend the last couple of weeks looking forward to where I want LDS Youth Leadership to go. Many of you have emailed me, commented on my posts and answered my surveys (you can take my Come, Follow Me survey here). It’s all been great feedback and I’m excited to get to work on your questions and concerns this year.

Before we do that, let’s take a look at what you read the most on my blog last year.

  1. 17 Girls Camp Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Planning Girls Camp
  2. 7 Steps to Planning a Successful New Beginnings
  3. The Minimalist’s Guide to Planning Young Women in Excellence
  4. How to Be a Leader that Youth Want to Follow
  5. 10 Times Young Women Leaders Really Should Read Handbook 2
  6. My Favorite New Beginnings Themes 2016
  7. Why Your Youth Aren’t Buying in to the Program (and Why it Might be Your Fault)
  8. My Favorite Themes for Young Women in Excellence 2015
  9. The Beginner’s Guide to Planning Youth Activities
  10. How to Help Young Women Set Goals for Personal Progress

Here’s what I’ve learned from looking at this:

  1. You care about the big events: camp, New Beginnings and Night of Excellence. These are all important events that happen every year. It’s important to understand each one’s role in helping our young women grow.
  2. You care about how you lead the youth, whether it’s by example, through activities or keeping them engaged in the youth programs of the Church 
  3. Personal Progress is important to you. You want to know how to help your young women be successful in completing their Personal Progress.

Thanks so much for making these posts so popular! I’m excited to see what you read most in 2017!