5 Things Adult Leaders can’t Rush, Hack or Fake

Last month, we talked a little bit about how leadership can’t be rushed or faked in my review of the Five Levels of Leadership.

Fake it ’til you make it is not always the best advice. Here are a few things, that you can’t rush, hack or fake.

Love. If you pretend to love them, they will see right through it. As you get to know them, it will happen naturally.

Building relationships with youth.  This will happen over time. You have to take the time to invest in them.

Your testimony or theirs. Their testimonies will develop in a way that it only can for them. We are all unique individuals who grow and develop in the gospel at a pace that is just right for us.

Learning from failure. There’s only one way this happens. You have to let them fail! I know it can be really hard, especially if the activity is going to completely flop because someone failed to complete an assignment. Let it happen. They will become more resilient because of it.

Their self-confidence. This grows in a way that is unique to each individual, just like a testimony. The best thing we can do is give our youth lots of opportunities to lead, learn from failure and try new things. They will learn from those experiences that they can handle it.


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