All the Resources You Need to Celebrate A Christ-Centered Easter


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2017 Easter Campaign The Prince of Peace

This year’s Easter campaign is The #PrinceofPeace. It is focused on sharing the different ways that the Savior brings us peace. Starting March 31st, there will be an video on illustrating how Jesus Christ is the #PRINCEofPEACE.

During Holy Week (April 9-16), each day will focus on one of the eight principles of peace: faith, compassion, forgiveness, repentance, gratitude, God’s word, prayer, and hope. Each day there will be a video, scripture and suggested activities to learn more about how that principle brings us peace.

Download the calendar for Holy Week.

Sharing on Social Media

LDS Bookstore has a free social media kit that you can use to update your cover or profile picture on Facebook or post on Instagram.

Life’s Journey to Perfection has some great images for social media sharing for youth.

Chicken Scratch N Sniff has picture frames with each of the principles of peace on them for sharing. has a picture frame for profile pictures and will also share for you on social media, if you provide permission.

Stories of Peace

How Jesus Christ Is the Source of Unsurpassed Peace

How A Catholic Man Showed And Taught Me Compassion On My Mormon Mission

Faith & Anxiety: How Faith Can Help You Cope #PRINCEofPEACE

The most important spiritual preparation for life’s storms

What I Learned About Compassion After Being Hit by a Car

Peace from Scripture

Principles of Peace from the #PRINCEofPEACE: Faith


A 13 Year Old Girl Heard a Voice: A Story of Faith

6 Ways Jesus Christ Provided Peace at a Time of Need in My Life

When Death Strikes, The Students At the BYU Jerusalem Center Turn To Christ

How My Grandfather’s Compassion Protected My Grandmother

Family Activities

There’s a great, Christ-centered Easter egg hunt on Double the Batch.

Sugar Bee crafts has an Easter advent.

My Computer Is My Canvas has a yummy French Toast Easter Bake that is also a scavenger hunt.

Chicken Scratch N Sniff has an Easter egg advent about the principles of peace. Each egg features a principle of peace, with a question and a challenge for the day.

Youth Activities

Make these fun infinity cards by MeckMom Designs one night for Mutual. They require little to no prep!

There’s an Easter egg hunt centered around Personal Progress by Your Everyday Family. You should take a look!



Brightly Street has a banner and a frameable print from Isaiah., plus lots of other resources to help you celebrate Easter.

My Computer is My Canvas has a banner and a subway print for you. Plus, nugget wrappers, bookmarks and activity sheets!

Paging Supermom has a great decoration kit for putting together an Easter dinner.

Perfect for Easter Baskets

The Redheaded Hostess has #PRINCEofPEACE flip books in two different sizes.

Teepee Girl has some great study guides. 

Prince Of Peace Easter Activity Booklet for Kids from A Year of FHE

Make these goodie boxes or these beautiful notes.

Egg-shaped #PRINCEofPEACE booklets that include Personal Progress and Duty to God Challenges from Your Everyday Family.

Easter Lessons

There are two Easter lesson kits by The Redheaded Hostess. One for Relief Society and Young Women and one for Primary.



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