November Come, Follow Me Resources

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From Why is work an important gospel principle? 

From How do I know if I am becoming converted? 

From How can I find solutions to my problems? 

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Additional Teaching Ideas

What does it mean to be self-reliant?

I love these two study sheets about The Ten Virgins and The Parable of the Talents from The Red Headed Hostess. Sometimes it can really help with a discussion when our class has time to write their thoughts down before sharing.

Why is it important for me to gain an education and develop skills?

Invite some of your class members to come to class prepared to teach a talent or skill. Share some quotes on education at the beginning of class and ask what they have in common. Read the rest of this idea on Life’s Journey to Perfection.

Why does the Lord want me to be healthy?

Try this object lesson from MormonShare. Bring water, soda and a plant with you to class. Tell you class your plant needs a drink. Read the rest of this object lesson here. 

What is the Lord’s way for providing for the poor and needy?

The Things I Love Most made a handout from the hymn, Have I Done Any Good in the World Today. You can get it here.

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