March Come, Follow Me Teaching Resources


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This month’s Come, Follow Me theme is my personal favorite! The atonement means so much to me. It’s taken on a new meaning, as I’ve been studying the lessons to prepare to teach. Three weeks ago, I had knee surgery. I was expecting it to be a fairly small deal. We were fixing one, maybe two things and I was told I would be able to walk right after my surgery. I woke up from surgery, facing a completely new set of circumstances.


This one comes from the lesson What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? 

The surgeon came in to update me on how the surgery went. He held up three pages of pictures of the inside of my knee and said, “Well, I found about five things to fix in your knee.” He proceeded to walk me through the pictures and explain everything he had done. Bottom line, one of the procedures would take 6 months to heal and I would be going home on crutches with instructions to bear 50% of my weight on my bad leg. It was way worse than I had expected and planned for.

I’ve found a great deal of personal peace and comfort studying about the atonement, especially how it can bring us peace during our trials. The quote from Sister Marriott stands out to me the most. “Yielded and still” has become a mantra for my recovery, as my pace has slowed both literally and figuratively. Slowing down is not easy for me. I don’t know yet what the Lord is trying to tell me, but I know there’s much to be learned from this experience. I know that I’ve been showered with tender mercies, like being in almost no pain. I’ve been healing and recovering quickly. My physical therapists say I’m ahead of schedule in my recovery. I’ve been blessed with friends and neighbors who brought me meals, visited me, checked on me and have given more than I needed.


This one comes from the lesson How can the Savior help me during my trials? 

As tough as it has been, and will be for a little longer, I already see that I will look back and see some really beautiful moments where I have felt the love of God, especially through my friends, family and neighbors.

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Additional Teaching Ideas

For How can the Savior help me during my trials?

  • Have the youth watch the video God Will Lift Us Up. Ask them to write down a trial they are experiencing right now. Then have them write down a story from the scriptures where someone experienced a trial. Have them share their scripture stories with each other. Then have them answer these questions: How did this person get help from the Savior during their trial? How does this apply to your own trial?
  • Use the How Can the Savior Help Me During My Trials flip book as a study guide for your youth before or during the lesson. You can divide the book into sections and assign one to each youth and then have them share what they learned with the group.

For What is the Atonement? 

  • Share this Mormonad with your class and have them make their own about the Atonement.
  • Watch the Bible videos that portray the Atonement. Have the youth make a timeline of the events in the videos and share with the class. Ask them to share how knowing about these events makes them feel.

For the lesson What is grace? 

  • Show a picture of a yoke and ask what it is used for. Read the scripture Matthew 11:28-30. In what ways are we yoked with Christ? How does He share our burdens with us?

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6 thoughts on “March Come, Follow Me Teaching Resources

  1. I can relate to you! I have a really hard time slowing down and taking it easy. I find that the Lord is always trying to find ways to teach me to do that… sometimes in not so pleasant ways like you’re experiencing.

    1. Thanks! Slowing down is hard, but I’m finding it makes other things possible. When I went out for a walk today, my less-active neighbor stopped me and asked if I was hurt. Turns out her husband had the same surgery. It gave me a chance to connect with them a little more.

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