LDS Wowizers (similar to Yahtzee) Review and Giveaway


Camille over at Chicken Scratch N Sniff has come out with a new LDS-influenced game.  She has several other products in her shop which would work well for Family Home Evening, Sabbath day activities, and youth activities. You should go check it out!

She provided me with a copy of her new game LDS Wowizers! (like Yahtzee) to try for myself and is also providing a copy to one of you for a giveaway! Be sure to enter at the bottom of this post for your chance to win.

What Do I Think of It?

First of all, this game comes with a junior version, as well as a regular version. I had the most fun playing the junior version with my neighbor’s daughter. She loved the over-sized dice and got excited every time she rolled a Gadianton Robber. It was a great game for her, because it gave her a chance to work on taking turns.

For assembly, I tried a glue stick, but found that tape worked better. If you want your dice to last longer, I recommend getting some craft blocks and using Mod Podge to attach the cutouts. The paper ones are great for temporary use, or if you’re going to be very gentle with them. Mine didn’t stand up very well to a 4 year old who loved using them for the game as well as beds and little platforms for her toys.

What Can You Use it for?

  • This game would make a great youth activity. With a few people working on it, you could assemble it and play it during one activity.  This could be super-helpful to replace an activity that falls through.
  • Family Home Evening
  • Sunday-appropriate activity
  • A ward activity, when it’s combined with some other games.
  • You could even give it as a gift to someone who loves LDS-inspired games!

You can get LDS Wowizers! right now for $3 or you can enter my giveaway for a chance to get it for free!


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