How Jesus Christ Is the Source of Unsurpassed Peace


Jesus Christ has long been a great source of peace in my life. It always comforts me to know that He experienced every pain and sorrow that I have. As I reflect on the Atonement, I’ve come to realize that he didn’t just suffer for my sins and experience my adversity in Gethsemane, He walks alongside me as I experience life. That is, as long as I will let him. I’ve collected some testimonies from other LDS bloggers and my readers to share. I hope you will enjoy this reminder of how He truly is the Prince of Peace as much as I do.

“Jesus Christ is my Redeemer. He knows me better than I will ever know myself. He suffered so I would have the opportunity to repent and make something of myself. Sometimes I forget the enabling power of His Atonement. How it can transform us into something greater. How we can be cleansed, healed, and inspired. Christ is there for each and every one of us, even when we forget. I need him every day as I go down the rocky path we call life. I will accomplish everything I need to with Him. That I know.”

Molly of What’s Left (Inner Thoughts of a Mormon) 


“Our Savior doesn’t just GIVE us peace — He IS our peace. When the world swirls in commotion all around me, His comfort is only a prayer away. When I need a friend, His love surrounds me. When my trials are heavy and hard to bear, His peace can always be found. Of this I can testify.”

Jamie of Writing in the Stillness


“I went through a deep depression for about a year of my life. The darkness that surrounded me was so heavy. For the first part of it I resorted to laying in bed and watching T.V. I decided that I had to take action. I began attending the temple every other week and listening to conference talks. Although these actions didn’t fully lift my depression and darkness, I have never before felt peace the way that the Savior provided it to me. I could feel His love through that awful heaviness. I knew I was loved and I knew I would get through it.”

April of Fitfully Mormon


“The Savior brings me peace in this crazy world of chaos as I imagine his loving face smiling at me & saying (through it all) “you got this gal!” That’s what my grandpa & my daddy both used to tell me, & I know that my Savior loves me even more, so he would tell me the same thing.”


“My Savior brings so much peace into my life. Whenever I begin to feel inadequate or discouraged, I remember that the Savior has been there. He has overcame all things and is there to help us through our trials, as well as help us to become better. This brings great peace to my heart. With Him ALL things are possible.”

Kim, Life’s Journey to Perfection


“The Savior’s atonement brings joy and peace in my life. I’m filled with gratitude knowing that I’m loved in that way. I find comfort and solace in knowledge that, whatever pain or setbacks life throws at me He knows it. He felt my anguish and my agony and therefore I’m able to know that He can comfort me because He has been there. His peace is abundant, we just need to get close to Him to feel it.”


I have felt the peace that my Savior brings into my life. Sometimes it’s in simple everyday ways that I feel His peace. Like when I’m trying to do live as the Savior would and I feel at peace with my choices. During challenges, I have felt His peace in more profound and moving ways. I have a felt that things will work out, that Jesus will be there to help, strengthen and comfort me.

Rachel from Adventures of a DIY Mom

I am grateful for His example and know that peace comes to me as I do as He did. This past Sunday I was approached by someone that wanted me to hand out things to the YW in our ward. I listened and made comments that I thought were reflecting that I needed more information and the person interpreted it as snide remarks. I was quite shocked that someone would think that I would say things that weren’t kind. I tried hard to apologize and explain what my intent was. The apology was not accepted and there is definitely cool feelings between us. I have had to work through those feelings and seek after a Christ like love. It has brought peace and forgiveness. I feel so blessed to know and love the path the Savior set for us and that I can overcome natural tendencies with His help.


There was a dark point in my life as a missionary for the church. My companion’s father passed away while we were serving together. Watching how this hit him was extremely painful to watch and broke my heart. It was at this point where I came to know for myself that God still loves us, even though things like this go wrong in our lives, we’re never alone. No matter how isolated we feel, we are not, and we can, dark times and trials aside, still keep moving toward God. That knowledge has changed my life. We’re never alone!