How to Conduct a Personal Progress Interview


Follow Up on Their Current Personal Progress Goals

I keep notes in my young women binder about which experiences or projects my young women are working on. I start every interview by finding out how they have done with what they’ve been working on.

Set New Personal Progress Goals

If they haven’t completed any goal they’re working on, I help them adjust their current goal(s). If they’ve completed their goal(s), then I help them set new ones. I let them choose which value they want to work on next and then the experience or project. They should complete all the required experiences for a value before starting a project. This helps them to learn about the value, which can help them know what they want to do for a project. If they get stuck, The Personal Progress Helper has project ideas for each value.

Help Them Break it Down Into Small Steps

To help them break it in to small steps I ask them what they need to do on a daily and weekly basis to complete the goal.

Write It Down

As we are discussing their goals I write it all down in the notes section of my binders. This way, I know where to start the next time I interview them. I also encourage them to write it down, so they have their own copy.

Set Deadlines

You can love deadlines or hate them. One thing I’ve learned is that deadlines help us to get things done. I always ask my young women, “By when do you think you can have that done?”.  I don’t worry about whether I think it’s a realistic deadline, because learning to do that is an important life skill.  I let them set what they feel is a reasonable deadline for the final goal and also some middle deadlines for the steps they will take to get there.

Your turn! What are some of your favorite tips for interviewing young women about their Personal Progress?