How to Keep the Mutual Theme Visible All Year Long


Have you checked out this year’s Mutual theme resources? I love them!  We have videos, articles and music you should go check them out.

One way I plan to use these resources is in Class Presidency to trigger ideas for activities. Here’s why:

  • Using something to trigger ideas always results in more ideas than asking what they want to do for activities.
  • The ideas will come from the youth.
  • The youth are more excited about carrying out activities based on their own ideas.
  • Using a church resource like this helps create purpose-based activities, rather than simply filling the calendar.
  • It will help activities to have a spiritual purpose.
  • It will help us support the theme all year.

How are you using the Mutual theme resources this year?


9 Ways to Use the Mutual Theme

Not too long ago, I had someone ask me how to use the Mutual theme for this year. I know I’ve struggled to know exactly how to use it. Here’s a list of ideas that you can use to help you used the theme to plan the upcoming year.

9 Ways

  1. Youth conference
  2. New Beginnings- you can use the videos and music to introduce it.
  3. Night of Excellence
  4. Brainstorm a list of ideas based on the theme and have an activity once a month that relates to the theme.
  5. Make goals with your youth that relate to the theme in class and quorum presidency meetings.
  6. Create a Personal Progress challenge based on the theme.
  7. Make gifts based on the theme for your youth
  8. Girls camp
  9. Plan all of your combined young men/young women activities. Read how we do that here.

What are some ways you have used the Mutual theme that I don’t have on this list?