What It Means to Me as a Youth Leader to Have a Savior

Two weeks ago, what it means to me to have a Savior. Today, I want to talk about how that influences me as a youth leader. I believe that without Jesus Christ’s example, I wouldn’t be worth much as a leader.

What It Means to Me as a Youth Leader to Have a Savior

  • I can love the young woman (or young man) standing in front of me, warts and all. If I have trouble doing that, I can tap into the love the Savior has for them. I don’t ever have to do it by myself.
  • I don’t fix people’s problems. I help them apply the atonement in their lives.
  • Because I have been given grace and forgiveness for my faults, I can give grace and forgiveness to the youth I work with when they decide to be difficult.
  • It helps me to see a bigger picture than the next meeting, activity or lesson.
  • I get to feel the Savior’s love for those I serve. This might be my favorite gift that I get from this calling!
  • When one of my young women is in desperate need of help, I can testify of the Atonement’s power to help and heal them.
  • The Savior understands each of my young women better than I do. If I need to know what they need, help is only a prayer away.
  • I get opportunities to become more like the Savior by serving my young women. There have been many reality checks along the way that keep me learning and growing and help me to remember why I’m really here.

How does having a Savior influence how you lead? 

What It Means to Me to Have a Savior

I love this time of year when people try to be a little more kind and are more focused on the Savior. I’m excited to be sharing the LDS Church’s campaign on my blog this year and wanted to share my thoughts about what having a Savior means to me. But before continuing with my post, have you seen the new videos? If not, please take a minute to watch them now. I will still be here when you’re done!

    • I get to try as many times as I need to, to get things right.
    • I get credit for my efforts, not only the results of my efforts.
    • My family can be together forever.
    • He knows me better than anyone- my strengths, my weaknesses, all my craziness and imperfections and He still loves me!
    • I am capable of forgiving others and I can be forgiven.
    • I will see my grandfather who died 9 years ago again one day. As well as all my other loved ones who have passed on.
    • I can extend patience and grace to imperfect people and can get it for myself.
    • I’m never alone. He knows exactly how I feel!
    • I can work on my shortcomings and imperfections.
    • I can heal from the adversity and pain of this life and so can you!
    • I’ve been given the gift of unconditional love and you have, too.
    • True joy is within our reach.

What does having a Savior mean to you?