Welcome to my blog ldsyouthleadership.com.  – I’m glad you’re here! My journey as an adult leader of youth began at girls’ camp with young women ages 12-18 from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). I was newly married, twenty years old, and amazingly inexperienced. I learned some tough, but great lessons that summer as I shepherded a small group of young women through a week-long camp. Twenty-two years later, I have now worked with LDS youth in four different roles, and each time I’ve had to “up my game” to be the person I needed to be to help them. I feel that the time I’ve spent with young people has transformed me. I write because I know that empowering young people isn’t easy. I want to walk that path with you, share the burden together, and learn from each other.

Three years ago, when I was called as the lay Young Women President in my LDS ward, or congregation, I felt very strongly that I had a long way to go to develop the skills I needed. From that point on, I have been a student of leadership by reading books and blogs to help me to become a better leader. From that I recommend Michael Hyatt and Leading LDS because I’ve learned so much from them.

Personally, I’m a wife and mother of two wonderful teenage girls. I love a good novel on a rainy day, hiking, camping and gardening. I am fascinated by languages and cultures and I haven’t met an ethnic food that I don’t like. I also love to hear people’s stories. Let me tell you part of mine:  I was born in Seattle, Washington and spent most of my growing up years in Indiana. I attended Indiana State University, where I completed a BA in French Teaching. I met my husband, Ryan, when he came to Indiana to go to school. I moved to Utah the same week that I graduated from Indiana State University and have been here, ever since.

Heather with her husband, Ryan
Heather hiking with her family in Zion National Park


I plan to write twice a week – mainly about ways to work with LDS teenage girls and help them develop as leaders, but my writing will also cover some strategies for working with both LDS young men and women from time to time. I also write about ways that I have found to simplify the planning of Girls’ Camp and Youth Conference and weekly activities.

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