9 Ways to Visit Your Young Women


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If your ward is anything like mine (geographically small, low activity rate), then visits are something you should consider rotating in with your activities. My Beehive class president likes to do monthly visits and I find myself collecting a lot of ideas to keep it from feeling repetitive. I figured if some of you are in the same boat, I could share some of these ideas with you.

Do a Drive by “Mugging”

I have to give my Beehive class president credit for this one! We cut some mugs out of cardstock, wrote, “You’ve been mugged!”, on them and then attached them to a small ziploc bag with a packet of hot chocolate in it.

I “Cerealsy” Love You!


We just used this to put together a St. Patrick’s Day package for my missionary daughter, but this would be great for a small treat to drop of when visiting young women, too. In this case,  I used Lucky Charms, but any cereal you choose will work for this. You can buy a full-size box of cereal or the mini-size and you can get the note to attach from The Dating Divas.

Take Them a Coloring Book for Conference

If it’s close to General Conference time, you can print out several copies of this coloring book and deliver them with a reminder to watch or listen to conference. You could even include a pack of colored pencils, if you wanted to!

You’ve Been Egged

This one is especially fun for Easter. Get some plastic eggs, Easter grass, Easter candy and any small container that can serve as a basket. Assemble your baskets and attach a note that says, “You’ve been egged!” The Dating Divas have all the printables you need to help you put this one together.

Bring them A Scripture Candy Bar

Get some cardstock or scrapbook paper and make these scripture candy bars and drop them off! These were made by girls at camp, but you could make these and deliver them for an activity, too.

Easter “He Is Risen” Nuggets

My Computer is My Canvas has free nugget wrappers that say, “He is risen” on them. All you need is a bag of Hershey’s Nuggets, these wrappers, some bags to put them in and some assembly!

Give Them a Heart Attack

This one has been around for awhile. Basically, you cut hearts out of colored paper, write notes on them and then go decorate some doors. Looking for some printables to make it easy for you? The Dating Divas have you covered.

Drop Off a Gratitude Quote

Pick up some picture frames and print off these gratitude quotes and then drop them off.

Snowball Visits

This one is pretty easy and can be added to any of the ideas mentioned in this post. You simply invite the girl you’re visiting to come with you. You could also go visit each girl and invite her to a short activity after everyone’s been visited.

Your turn! What are some creative ways you’ve visited your young women? 


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  1. This is my favorite idea ever! You are the most amazing blogger and have the best ideas!! I am defiantly going to try some – maybe all of these!

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