7 Free Kits to Help Your Young Women Serve



“As we follow the example of the Savior and live as He lived and as He taught, that light will burn within us and will light the way for others.” —President Thomas S. Monson

Today, I wanted to share some more ways that you can help your youth #LIGHTtheWORLD through service. We can thank Pink Cake Plate, Brightly Street, My Computer Is My Canvas, Hang a Ribbon on the Moon, The Kiwi in the Clouds, Melissa EsplinLisa Valentine Clark and Gina James for putting these great kits together. Be sure to stop by The Red Headed Hostess, Sugardoodle, Lolly Jane and Mormon.org for more ideas for how to #LIGHTtheWORLD.

Dinner on Your Doorstep Kit


This fun kit would do really well as a youth activity. Use the included recipes or your own to make dinner for someone. Then label each dish with the printable top and deliver it. I know of plenty of young moms who could use a night off from cooking dinner.

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Family Service Jars


This fun kit is aimed at helping families serve together. So, you could make these for an activity in December and your young women could take them home and use them to encourage service with their families. You could also hold a  service challenge and use the jar and the strips to help young women share any acts of service from the previous week.

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Service Planning Kit


This kit could also be used as an activity. You could either assemble as an activity and each girl could use it with her family, or you could follow the instructions to hold a Family Home Evening style activity about service.

This kit includes, an editable planning calendar, pass-along ornaments and instructions for how to play service charades.

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Christmas in a Box


This kit would be a really fun service-based activity. You could choose a few families with primary-age children and make these boxes and deliver them.

This kit includes labels for a block set, a journal, a stocking and a printable box to put it all in!

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Thank You Notes


You could print some of these thank you notes out and give them to your young women with a challenge to serve by writing thank you notes to someone who has helped them. You could also hold an activity where each girl writes at least one thank you note and then deliver the all together.

This kit includes printable thank you notes with envelopes and printable art you can frame.

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Thumbs Up Kit



Assemble several of these kits for some mothers of young kids to help them encourage good behavior.

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Quality Time Gift Kits

This kit has moms who could use a break or a pick-me-up in mind. It has three different ideas based on the amount of time you’d like to spend. You could use it to inspire a whole activity or part of one.

kiwi-clouds-christmas-printables-coloring-page-dark-wood-2 kiwi-clouds-christmas-printables-copy

One way you could use this kit is to print out some coloring pages and Christmas cards and deliver them to some families with young children.


The Eye Found It game would be great to make and deliver for an activity. You could also have a babysitting night and have several copies of the game to play with kids who come!

This kit also includes: gift card holders and gift tags.

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