5 Ways Jesus Christ Is the Ultimate Leader


I see Jesus Christ as the ultimate leader. If you really want to learn how to lead, spend some time learning about what He did. Here are a few ways He shows leadership for me:

He wasn’t afraid to try new things

Great leaders aren’t afraid to do something that hasn’t been done before. They’re not afraid to be different. And they are certainly comfortable with it.  Jesus, at the age of twelve was comfortable teaching those who seemed to be much wiser and definitely older than Him. In the Bible it says “they were astonished at his understanding and answers”. He knew early on that He was different and wasn’t afraid of it.

He led by example

There a many great examples of Jesus leading by example. I chose this one, because we all need baptism. He was humble enough to do things that He expected of others.

He gave everyone a chance

It’s apparent from many stories in the scriptures that Jesus knew a great deal about everyone He met. And yet, He never treated them with condemnation for what He knew. Everyone was approached with love and care.

He allowed people to experience things for themselves and learn from them

Do you think Jesus knew that Peter would lose faith when He tried to walk on the water? I think He might have. Yet, He let Peter have the experience and then asked him a question to help Peter learn more about himself. Wise leaders can see that those they lead might be about to hit a brick wall. They allow it to happen, let the natural consequences do the teaching and then ask questions that help create clarity and learning from what happened.

He was slow to condemn others

If anyone walked on the earth who had the right to judge others, it was the Savior. Yet, over and over again, we see Him approach sinners in a way that extends love and forgiveness. Most of us need do overs. At some point, we all mess up and need to start over. If the Savior, who was without blame can do it, so can we.

He taught his followers what to do when he was gone

A truly great leader’s influence is felt long after he or she is gone. Jesus trained His replacements.  He prepared His apostles with what they needed to know to act on His behalf.

He did hard things

Truly, He did the hardest thing of all when he suffered and died for our sins. Leadership is not for those who lack courage or have no interest in serving others. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be afraid sometimes. Even Jesus asked to not suffer, as long as it was Heavenly Father’s will.

Your turn! What would you add to my list of reasons Jesus Christ is the ultimate leader? 

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways Jesus Christ Is the Ultimate Leader

  1. Absolutely! The first thing that came to my mind after reading the title was that He loved everyone completely and fully, regardless of how society saw them. I suppose that relates to your points of being slow to condemn others and giving everyone a chance. I love your point about how He obviously knew a lot about other people but He never let it cloud His judgment and He still looked for the good and saw potential. That’s something we could all learn from!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I think you’re absolutely right about how He loved everyone fully and completely! I can’t possibly think of everything all the time. That’s why I always ask to see what someone else would add. I get to learn more, that way.

  2. He showed unconditional love! In Elder Renlunds recent conference talk he speaks of how we are motivated because of Christs compassion for us. We are more likely to follow a leader whom we know has genuine care and concern for us. Great ideas! Love this❤️!

    1. Thanks, Lori!Christ’s compassion for us is powerful! Just like it is when someone feels compassion for us. I believe that we know when someone genuinely loves us and wants what’s best for us. It makes a positive difference in so many ways.

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