5 Reasons You Should Do Crafts at Your LDS Girls Camp


I used to think that crafts were a way to fill time at camp or during an activity that didn’t provide much meaning. I’ve changed my mind about that. I think crafts, when used in the right way, can be an incredibly useful at camp and during activities. Here’s why:

They are a wholesome activity

I personally believe the Spirit can be present during any wholesome activity.

They give the young women a chance to talk to each other and to you

I’ve noticed that they’re a little less guarded in what they say, when they’re hands are busy. This kind of chatter also helps develop unity.

They provide a natural way for your young women to serve each other

If a girl is stuck on a project, another girl who’s doing really well with it can help her. This helps build unity, too.

When you have young women select and teach the craft, it builds self-confidence

Any time you let a young woman take the reigns, it helps her to build self-confidence. First, you are demonstrating your trust in her. Second, she gets an opportunity to learn what she can do.

They can build unity

See what I said above. 🙂

Would you like me to provide the craft for you? You can buy my Ask Wood Block Printable kit in my store now. It includes 15 different designs that can be glued to 1.5 inch and 3 inch wooden blocks, plus 8.5 X 11 size prints for framing.


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