5 Clever Ways LDS Youth Leaders Can Make Their Family a Priority

I often hear from LDS youth leaders who feel they struggle sometimes to take care of their family and their calling. I get it. Both take time and dedication. And, let’s face it. We can’t do everything. We have to make decisions about what’s most important. When we make those decisions, we also decide what we’re not doing, too.

You want to do a good job in your calling. You love the youth and want to tend to their needs. These are good things as long as we are not overlooking our family’s needs.

Before you put on your youth leader hat and get to work, please consider these tips.

  1. Daily Family Prayer and Scripture Study- In our family, we share something from our personal study right before we pray.
  2. Family Home Evening- These can be short and simple. You can hold it any night of the week. Some of my friends do Sunday night, some on Friday and we stick with Monday.
  3. Family Dinnertime- We don’t succeed at having this every night, but we do for most. It’s a good time to connect with each other.
  4. Weekly Planning- This helps us know what everyone else is doing and gives us a chance to resolve scheduling conflicts.
  5. Regular Family Councils- These provide opportunities to problem solve together, resolve conflicts and help each other to become better individuals.
  6. Family Fun Dates-We do these on a weekly basis.
  7. Regular One-on-One Time with Each Kid- My husband does these on a weekly basis. They could also be parent-child dates. Carving out a little extra quality time on a weekly or monthly basis could make a big difference.

Now, I don’t expect you to implement every last one of these. What I hope is that you’ll find ways to make sure your family is getting the time it needs while you are fulfilling your calling as a youth leader.

Your turn. What’s your favorite way to make your family a priority? 

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