16 Youth Activities You Can Do for Free


Do you have a small budget? Are you already running out of money for activities? The good news is that there are many activities that can be done for free. I asked some other young women leaders to share some of their favorite free activities! Here’s what they told me.

I always loved it when the YM/YW went to help out at the dairy. They had so much fun and brought home great cheese.” Heidi

Write each standard on a slip of paper and place them in a bowl Divide into teams. Have each team draw a standard from the bowl. Give them 5 minutes to decide how they would teach the standard to a friend. After 5 minutes have them share. For other standards games that you can play for free, go to the youth activities website


“-Choose a couple families ahead of time with their approval. Split kids into 2/3 groups and spend an hr cleaning their home! With that many hands it takes an hr or less top to bottom!
-Walk local shelter dogs.
-Go to the cemetery and add in pictures of headstones and information for the Find A Grave app database.
-Go geocaching and leave pass along cards or a Book of Mormon!”  Ashlie

If you’re trying to find some geocaches, Geocaching.com is my favorite site.

“~Cupcake wars
~Where’s Waldo (bishopric wears disguises) in the mall
~mastering the family history apps to find family names to take to the Temple
~dating boot camp
~service scavenger hunt
~Instagram scavenger hunt
~chalkboard individual worth (have a girl stand next to a chalkboard, everyone else writes things they love about her around her, then take a pic and rotate through each girl)
~guitar/ukulele lesson ”  Kristel


“Career panel. One of the YW value experiences (knowledge I think) asks the girls to talk to someone in a career field they are interested in. Find out what they did to prepare for the job, what training they required, and how it contributes to society. We’re going to make it a combined youth activity and have a panel of adults with different careers. The kids will ask some pre-prepared questions and also spontaneous ones. In our ward we have a fire-fighter, policeman, army medic, theatre nurse, midwife, administrators, IT people etc.” Jacinda

“Skits in a bag, lip sync contest” Rachel

Now it’s your turn. What is your favorite youth activity that can be done for free? Share it in the comments! 

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