17 LDS Girls Camp Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Planning Girls Camp


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17 Girls Camp Hacks- A Cheat Sheet for Planning Girls Camp

How’s your LDS girls camp planning coming? Are you in the final stretches? Are you feeling a little stressed about what’s left to do? I’ve been collecting some good tricks and tips to help you plan camp. Here are some of the best ones.


  • I absolutely love this video from an auxiliary training that talks about how to use camp to help the Laurels develop leadership skills.
  • Check out my post, How to Use the Camp Planning Manual to Plan Girls Camp- The Ultimate Guide. It walks you through how to use the Camp Planning Manual to plan camp. Plus, it links to it. It’s not to late to plan your LDS girls camp, even if nothing is ready, if you still have 1 or 2 months to get ready!


My advice is to assign these to the girls. Even Beehives can handle it. It’s best to follow up with them to see if they need any help before camp.


There are 6 get-to-know-you games in this post, plus some team building games. I really want to try the toilet paper game!


  • How helpful are these punch cards!? I love that you can put it in a lanyard and simply hole punch each requirement when it’s done.
  • These knot-tying boards are a great way to teach knot-tying skills. You can show them how, walk away and let them practice, and then they can come and demonstrate their skills when they’re ready.
  • We’re considering using this Certification Olympics activity to help us get some certification done.
  • I love this first aid night where the skills are taught and demonstrated through skits. That could make for a great skit night or campfire activity.
  • Get the scoop on water filtration and purification in this post from Simple Family Preparedness.
  • This First-Aid Quick guide has a lot of the info you need for certification on one page.


Check out this list of 15 campfire recipes! It’s bound to help the young women make a decision when you ask them what they want for food, instead of blank stares!

The Dating Divas has a list of 25 camping recipes, if the post above doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

Covering the Cost of Camp

  • I have always paid for my LDS girls camp without a fundraiser. The instructions in Handbook 2 are pretty clear. First, pay for camp using ward funds. Then, ask for a per girl donation. Finally, when the other two aren’t enough, do a fundraiser.  One year, I spent less on activities and used what was left to cover the cost of camp and asked for a $15 donation per girl. It worked beautifully!
  • If you feel you need a fundraiser, check out these 10 unusual fundraising ideas. Just skip the wine-tasting idea!

Camp songs

Ultimate Camp Resource has a very large collection of camp songs, organized by category.


The Mormon Home has free printable awards you can use!

Using YCLs

Your YCLs are your best allies in planning and carrying out an LDS girls camp. Here are some different ways to use them-

  1. Camp planning committee
  2. Teaching certification to the younger girls.
  3. Keeping everyone on schedule.
  4. Study buddies during scripture study time for girls who need help studying the scriptures.

The best advice I can give you is to stay in the shadows and let them run camp. Take time to coach them privately during free time, or other times.


I have a camp craft for this year’s Mutual theme (Ask) that will be ready soon! Learn more in my shop.

Check out this list of 25 crafts from LDS Lane! It’s sure to spark some ideas from your young women or give them a catalog of ideas to choose from.

I also really like these prayer blocks from The Redheaded Hostess.

She also has a collection of 5X7 temple prints that can also be glued onto blocks.  You can get the following temples: Salt Lake, Washington DC, Draper, Jordan River, St. George, Oquirrh Mountain, Mt. Timponogos, Manti, Logan and Bountiful.

My Computer Is my Canvas has bottle cap images for pretty much anything you could dream up for camp! She has certification bottle cap images, Christmas (for Christmas in July) and world flags (for an Around the World theme). You could use her collection of bottle cap images to help you come up with a theme, she has so many of them!


Here’s a list of ten theme ideas to get you started.

Pillow Treats

Play Party Plan has five pillow treat ideas to get you started!

Need more ideas? Check out my Girls Camp Pinterest board! I’m adding new ideas all the time!

Packing Lists

I love how Misty of Simple Family Preparedness organizes her camping supplies. You could easily follow her pattern to keep all the camp gear organized. She has checklists that you can download and print to make it super-easy for you.

Now it’s your turn. What girls camp hacks do you use that you just can’t live without? 

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